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Go for a physical and mental transformation through sports

Discover a gym designed to meet your needs:

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Small group classes with a maximum of 8 people, ensuring personalized attention.

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Guidance by certified and experienced coaches.

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Supportive community for an experience that will boost your goals.

We are
David and Yessica

Athletes, certified personal trainers and founders of LP Performance. 

Passionate about sports and restaurants, we invite you to explore a new dimension of training.

 Discover a unique experience in our gym. 

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For Your Fitness

Discover our complete range of services for all your fitness needs:

Group Classes - Personal Training - Corporate Fitness - Online Classes.


 Ready to achieve your health and wellness goals with us? 

Maximize your time at the gym and stay motivated!

Just dedicate one hour to your fitness and enjoy a complete program: muscle strengthening, joint stabilization, mental release, and energy boost. Plus, you'll burn calories!

 Are you looking for personalized support during each session? 

What our members say ★★★★★


Unlike other boxes that open classes to 20 people or more. LP Performance limits its classes to a maximum of 8 people, which allows a better supervision.
The quality of coaching is their strength ,the real added value of this small box with a family atmosphere.

Nathalie Bocklant


David and Yessica master coaching wonderfully. They know how to put you at ease thanks to their constant good mood, their warm welcome and by listening to everyone.
Being very little sporty, they were able to guide me to progress without hurting me and at my own pace.
The box is perfectly equipped and ideally made.
Easy parking. Only positive points: i Recommend it!!

Nadim Hage

« Being in crossfit for a few years, I have very rarely seen a follow-up and collective coaching of this level. Place to go without any hesitation! »

Morgan Pauwels

Living a healthy life is all about balance

Balance is the key word.

    In life, sport, food, everything is about balance.

Do you think that to get results and lose weight, you should only eat salad and go for a 2 hour run every day? Yes it is clear that you will lose weight, but what you will lose will be all your muscle mass, because there is not enough exercise or enough nutrients to maintain it.


Or maybe you think you have to eliminate all carbs, or all fats, or even both to end up eating only protein…

Once again, the balance, you don't have to eliminate anything, you have to recalibrate.

Same goes for training, cardio or strength? Do I have to finish each session having sweated 2 liters and having sore muscles for days after training? It all depends on the goal, of course, but it's necessary to work on cardio, and strength, finding the balance that best suits your body and your goals.


Remember, sweating gallons or getting muscle aches doesn't mean good training or good results!

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