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Personal Training

Our personalized training adapts to your lifestyle and your specific goals.

Together, we will achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Are you looking for a solution to these common challenges?


You train but see no results.


Lack of motivation and consistency, you start and abandon exercise.


Difficulty finding time for physical activity.


You have injuries or previous surgeries and are afraid to train alone or in a group.


Physical discomfort and bodily tension.

Start with a free informational session to get to know us and establish a personalized plan.

Our Approach to Achieving Your Goals

Our method is simple and effective, centered around you and your needs.

Here's how we collaborate with you every step of the way:

Free Information Session

Understanding Your Needs and Goals

It all starts with this free 20-minute session where we meet to discuss your needs, goals, and health history. We also address any questions you may have and alleviate any concerns.

Posture Assessment and Training

Developing a Personalized Plan

During your first training session, not only do we thoroughly assess your posture to identify muscular imbalances and areas to strengthen, but we also begin training. These observations enable us to create a customized training plan.

Continuous Progress Monitoring

Maximizing Results

We closely monitor your progress at every session, adjusting the program based on your performance and physical changes. Our gradual approach ensures that each session brings you closer to your goals.

Book your Free Information Session

Customized Workouts

Individual - Duo

Personalized Support

Individual Workouts
  •  Tailored Experience. Choosing our individual training program ensures an experience completely adapted to you.

  •  You-focused Approach. Our approach focuses on your goals, whether it's weight loss, building strength, gaining muscle, or improving your overall fitness.

  •  Tailored Sessions. Each session is specifically designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

  •  Assured Progress. With our team of qualified trainers, you will efficiently and effectively reach your fitness goals in the long term.

Motivation and Camaraderie

Duo Workouts
  •  Financial Benefits. Our advantageous rate for duo sessions makes the experience affordable, offering an economical solution for those looking to share their fitness journey.

  •  Personalized Attention. Despite training in a duo, our approach remains personalized, allowing each participant to receive individualized attention and advice tailored to their specific needs.

  •  Shared Motivation. Each session serves as a source of mutual motivation, fostering perseverance and commitment to the training program.

Payment Options and Rates

Flexible Options for Your Budget and Schedule

We believe in flexibility to accommodate your busy life and preferences. Here are our pricing and payment options:

Advance Payment

Budget Control, Scheduled Training!

By choosing this option, you benefit from simplified financial management and maximum performance.

Additionally, we offer the possibility to work with invoices for freelancers and businesses, ensuring a smooth and tailored payment experience.

Split Payment

Control Your Expenses, Maximize Your Workouts!

This system allows you to divide the total cost of your sessions into several payments spread over a defined period. It's the ideal option for total flexibility, allowing you to start training worry-free and focus on your fitness goals.

- Your Flexible Choice -

 12  Session Package 

Conçu pour toi qui as un emploi du temps chargé ou des engagements fluctuants, ce pack t'offre la possibilité de t'entraîner à ton propre rythme. Chaque pack reste valide pendant trois mois, te permettant de planifier tes entraînements en fonction de ta disponibilité.

- Full Power -

 24  Session Package 

Dive into your personalized program with this option. Designed for determined minds like yours, this formula offers a cost-effective solution for those fully committed to their fitness journey. With a validity of three months, this solution allows you to maintain long-term motivation and maximize your results.




Package valid for 3 months.

Rate per session 75€

Advance Payment 900€

Split Payment 300€/month



Package valid for 3 months.

Rate per session 65€ 

Advance Payment 1.560€

Split Payment 520€/month





Package valid for 3 months.

Rate of 55€ per session per person

Advance Payment 660€/person

Split Payment 220€/month/person



Package valid for 3 months.

Rate of 45€ per session per person

Advance Payment 1.080€/person

Split Payment 360€/month/person

Maria Jose

Problem:  she had two knee surgeries, was banned from doing sports with impact and was unable to sit on her heels. She was frustrated that she could not get up on her own when she was sitting on the ground, especially when she was on the beach. 

Solution: she convinced  a friend of hers to together with a personal trainer because she felt like a 90 year old person and didn't have the discipline to do it on her own. They've been coming to the gym twice a week for two and a half years. She is proud  to be able to play with her grandson on the ground and get back on her feet, same thing when she is on vacation at the sea. 


The pillars of our sessions

- Stabilization -

Correcting muscle imbalances will allow you to have better posture, move better, safer and more efficiently.

- Cardio -

Get your heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular endurance for a more active life.

- Strength -

Improve your overall strength. Increasing your lean body mass will cause your body to burn more calories.

- Power -

Improve neuromuscular efficiency, using the right muscle at the right time.

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