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Corporate Wellbeing

Offer your business fitness classes tailored to your needs.

Small Group Training for quality coaching.

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Improved general health of employees

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Reduced back pain associated with long periods of sitting

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Decreased stress level

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Strengthening of team spirit

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Improvement of the positive image of the company

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Our two courses are suitable for all levels


Our Offer


Mobility Flow
more than Yoga

This is a class that incorporates the principles of yoga and also includes specific exercises to strengthen muscles and correct posture.

The structure includes warm-up, abdominal strengthening, strength exercises, stretching, and breathing.

The goal is to offer a complete and balanced experience.


Challenge UP
more than cardio

This is a dynamic class that focuses on muscular and cardiovascular strength training.

It is composed of several phases aimed at gradually bringing the body into movement and exercise.

It includes warm-up activities, stabilization exercises, core strengthening, muscle building, a cardio circuit, and a cool-down period with stretching.

Some of our clients and partners

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Our package conditions


Let's get started!

We are excited to offer a collaboration aimed at providing our Mobility Flow and Challenge Up programs to your employees.


Our program is designed to promote the health and well-being of your staff. By investing in their health, you are also investing in productivity, motivation, and loyalty to your company.

Furthermore, our fitness program can help reduce health-related costs, such as sick leave and healthcare expenses.


By encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle, you create an environment conducive to the long-term success of your company.

Information Session

We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your expectations, our classes, and our philosophy in more detail.

This session lasts approximately 15 minutes and can take place at your premises, at LP Performance, or via video conference.

Who are we?

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