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In our studio, small group classes with a maximum of 8 participants embody our philosophy focused on quality rather than quantity.

Why Choose Small Group Classes?

Our small group classes offer:

Personalized Attention: Our trainers take care of each exercise, guaranteeing its correct execution.

Connection and Community: Be part of a united group that shares your goals and supports you in your fitness journey.

Lasting Motivation: The community inspires you to keep exercise a priority in your life.

Accessibility: Adapting exercises to your level to ensure a tailored experience to your needs.


Your potential is unlimited

challenge your limits and achieve your goals

Classes and Schedule

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I was a member of fitness centers for a long time without achieving real results. Since I started training at LP, I've achieved results I couldn't have imagined before. The motivating and friendly atmosphere at this place is incomparable. If you're looking for a gym where you can push yourself and be supported by passionate coaches, look no further. This is the perfect place to achieve your fitness goals.

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